Sunday, November 3, 2019

M/M: I DO: The Wedding of Callistratus and Afer, Martial, Epig. 12.42

Barbatus rigido nupsit Callistratus Afro,
Hac qua lege viro nubere virgo solet.
Praeluxere faces, velarunt flammea vultus,
Nec tua defuerut verba, Talasse, tibi.
Dos etiam dicta est. Nondum tibi, Roma, videtur
Hoc satis? Expectas numquid ut et pariat?

--Martial, Epigr.12.42

Hairy Callistratus married uptight Afer
using the same customs that a lady marries a man.
Yes, there was a bridal bouquet,
yes the bride wore a veil,
yes, there was even an "I Do."
There was even a dowry exchange.
Rome, isn't that enough for you?
What are you waiting for, Callistratus to give birth?

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