Sunday, November 3, 2019

From Man to Woman And Back Again: Tiresias, Hyginus Fab. 75

In monte Cyllenio Tiresias Eueris filius pastor dracones venerantes dicitur baculo percussisse alias calcasse. Ob id in mulieris figuram est conversus. Postea monitus a sortibus in eodem loco dracones cum calcasset redit in pristinam speciem.

--Hyginus, Fabulae 75

It is said that when the shepherd Tiresias saw two snakes mating, he struck one with a stick [others, however, say he kicked them]. Because of this, he was turned into a woman (in mulieris figuram). Later on, obeying a prophecy, he kicked mating snakes in the same place and returned to his original form.

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