Thursday, November 14, 2019

Just Say No: Minerva's War Cry: Joseph of Exeter's de Bello Troiano II.341 - 342

Virginitas me sola iuvat, nil passa pudendum,
non laesura toros, non deprensura maritos.
Macte, Paris, mea bella viri, mea pensa puellae,
et mea laurigeri meditantur carmina vates:
sic populis utrisque fruor, sic grata per omnes.

--Joseph of Exeter, de Bello Troiano II.341 - 342

The goddess Minerva [Athena] delivers this speech:

"My chastity alone pleases me, that I have not encountered sex,
and shall not threaten marriages or relationships.
Look here, Paris, my prowess impresses men,
my weaving impresses women,
my songs impress the laurel crown'd poets:
I enjoy the love of them both, I am loved by all."

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