Friday, November 29, 2019

Losing Half of the Team: Polynices' Loss of Tydeus, Statius, Theb.IX.82-85

ducitur amisso qualis consorte laborum
deserit inceptum media inter iugera sulcum
Taurus iners colloque iugum deforme remisso
parte trahit, partem lacrimans sustentat arator.

--simile on Polynices' loss of Tydeus, Statius, Theb. IX.82 - 85

He is led away [from his friend's slain body] like a bull
who has just its yoke-mate, the companion of its labors.
It walks away from the furrow it had begun, leaving the job unfinished,
with lowered head, it drags the now empty half-yoke,
while a crying farmer struggles to hold up the other half.

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