Resources for Teachers

The following lesson plans are available to enhance gender and LGBTQIA+ topics in high school Latin curricula.

If you would like to submit a lesson plan idea, please email admin @ lgbtmeetsspqr . com .

WORKSHEET: For a printable worksheet on analyzing LGBT Meets SPQR passages, click here: LGBT MEETS SPQR WORKSHEET TEMPLATE

 Pride Week Activity: TE ACCIPIO (Vergil, Aen. IX.276-280) Tiered Reading Passage and Printable Wristbands   Download Here:   Te Accipio Tiered Reading and Printable Wristbands

Black History Month Quote Wall: Decorate your classroom with quotes from Roman Authors from Africa! Quotes on love and life from authors such as St. Augustine, Fronto, Hypatia, Luxorius, Nemesianus, St. Perpetua, and Terrence! You can download the PDF here: Roman Voices From AfricaRoman Voices From Africa

Lesson Plans for Semester 1 Latin Students:
[assumed level of competency in: noun cases, 1st, 2nd, 2nd neuter, 3rd declension; Present, Imperfect and Future tense (active only); basic pronouns]
  • Love, Hate & War: Trojan War Valentines
    • Objective: Students Will Be Able To: create a Valentine’s Day card in the perspective of a Trojan War figure based on internet research of Greco-Roman mythology 
    • Love Hate & War: Trojan War Valentines
  • Love and Life in Pompeii: A Walk Among Graffiti
    • Objective: Students Will Be Able To infer daily life and activities of ancient Romans through analyzing Pompeiian graffiti
    • Love and Life in Pompeii

Lesson Plans for Semester 2 Latin Students:
[assumed level of competency in: noun cases, noun endings in all five declensions; all pronouns; all indicative verb forms in both active and passive]
  •  The Girl Loves the Poet: Active / Passive Love Triangles
  • Avis Resurgens: Fabula de Caeneo
    • Avis Resurgens is a first person narrative about the life of the trans warrior Caeneus. It is a 250 word story that uses Present, Imperfect, Future, Perfect and Pluperfect Active verbs, as well as personal pronouns. 
    • Avis Resurgens

Lesson plans for Semester 3 Latin Students:
[assumed level of competency in: noun cases, noun endings in all five declensions, all pronouns; indicative and subjunctive forms; participles, ablative absolutes, and infinitives; uses of subjunctive mood]

  • Feet of Clay:”  Analyzing Gender Roles and Sexual Mores in Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian Creation Myths:

Lesson Plans for Advanced Students / Readers of Latin
  • "Dangerous Beauty: The Impact of Beauty in the Abduction Myths of Hylas and Persephone"
  • "Let Each One Sing of Whomever They Love:" Nemesianus' Fourth Eclogue
  • Voices of War: Self / Family / Community: Selections from Quintus of Smyrna's Trojan War Epic
    • Objective analyze the impact of war on women, noncombatants, and family structures through translation of passages from Quintus of Smyrna's Posthomerica