Sunday, September 8, 2019

M/M: I Accept You, Vergil, Aeneid IX.275-280

Ascanius to Nisus:

...iam pectore toto
[te] accipio et comitem casus complector in omnis.
Nulla meis sine te quaeretur gloria rebus:
seu pacem seu bella geram, tibi maxima rerum
verborumque fides."
--Vergil, Aeneid IX.275 - 280

"With all my heart I accept you and embrace you as a companion in all my troubles. I shall seek no glory without you; in war or peace, you have my truest loyalty in both my words and in my deeds."

For a lesson plan and resources on how to teach this passage (including printable TE ACCIPIO Pride Week Wristbands), click here

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