Sunday, September 8, 2019

W/W: A Poet's Longing: CIL IV.5296

Graffiti Found in Pompeii:

O utinam liceat collo complexa tenere
Braciola et teneris oscula ferre labellis
I nunc, ventis tua gaudia, pupula, crede
Crede mihi levis est natura virorum
Saepe ego cum media vigilarem perdita nocte
haec mecum meditans: multos Fortuna quos sustulit alte
hos modo proiectos subito praecipitesque premit. 

--CIL IV.5296

If only I could hold you in an embrace and kiss your tender lips! Go now, baby doll, entrust your happiness to the winds; trust me, the nature of men is fickle. For often when I am lying awake in the middle of the night, I am undone as I think to myself how Fortune dashes down those she had just recently lifted up.

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