Sunday, December 22, 2019

W/M: A Woman's Passion, Sulpicia Epist. I

Tandem venit amor, qualem texisse pudori
quam nudasse alicui sit mihi fama magis.
Exorata meis illum Cytherea Camenis
adtulit in nostrum deposuitque sinum.
Exsolvit promissa Venus: mea gaudia narret,
dicetur si quis non habuisse sua.
Non ego signatis quicquam mandare tabellis,
ne legat id nemo quam meus ante, velim,
sed peccasse iuvat, vultus conponere famae
taedet: cum digno digna fuisse ferar.

--Sulpicia Epist. 1

At last my love has come!

It is better for me to admit my feelings than to save my reputation.

Venus has listened to my poetry and has brought me the man of my dreams, and plopped him down right into my lap.

Venus makes good on her promises: let it be known that I am one of her success stories, if anyone claims that she doesn't take care of her own.

I don't want everyone to read this before he does (oops!).

It feels so good to have confessed my feelings (peccasse), but it hurts to keep a poker face in public: I hope people say that the two of us found a partner worthy of each other (cum digno digna).

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