Saturday, January 29, 2022

TE ACCIPIO & OMNIA VINCIT AMOR: Updated Printable Wristbands for Pride Week!

In preparation for this year's Pride Week, I have created new & updated printable wristbands! This lesson now includes two designs, with the phrases TE ACCIPIO as well as OMNIA VINCIT AMOR!

The previous lesson is still available, but you can access the updated lesson here. 

This lesson is based on the famous words of the Aeneid

..iam pectore toto
[te] accipio et comitem casus complector in omnis.
Nulla meis sine te quaeretur gloria rebus:
seu pacem seu bella geram, tibi maxima rerum
verborumque fides."
--Vergil, Aeneid IX.275 - 280

"With all my heart I accept you and embrace you as a companion in all my troubles. I shall seek no glory without you; in war or peace, you have my truest loyalty in both my words and in my deeds."

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