Saturday, June 13, 2020

Dangerous Beauty: A List, Hyginus, Fab. 271

TRIGGER WARNING: Beauty was seen as a dangerous trait for young men and women alike; most of these myths end in abduction / rape. It is important to note the objectification of these men in this passage; the author makes clear that unwanted sexual attention is an unfortunate consequence of beauty in Greco-Roman mythology.

Qui ephebi formosissimi fuerunt:
  • Adonis Cinyrae et Smyrnae filius quam Venus amavit.
  • Endymion Aethlii filius quem Luna amavit.
  • Ganymedes Erichthonii filius, quem Iovis amavit.
  • Hyacinthus Oebali filius quem Apollo amavit.
  • Narcissus Cephisi fluminis filius qui se ipsum amavit.
  • Atlantius Mercurii et Veneris filius qui hermaphroditus dictus est.
  • Hylas Thiodamantis filius, quem Hercules amavit.
  • Chrysippus Pelopis filius, quem Theseus ludis rapuit.

--Hyginus, Fabulae CCLXXI

A list of exceedingly beautiful youths:

  • Adonis (the son of Cinyras and Smyrna), whom Venus loved.
  • Endymion (the son of Aethlius), whom the Moon loved.
  • Ganymede (the son of Erichthonius), whom Jupiter loved.
  • Hyacinthus (the son of Oebalus), whom Apollo loved.
  • Narcissus (the son of the Cephissus River), who fell in love with himself.
  • Atlantius (the son of Mercury and Venus), who is called a "hermaphrodite."
  • Hylas (the son of Thiodamas), whom Hercules loved.
  • Chrysippus (the son of Pelops), whom Theseus abducted from the games.

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