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M/M: Addressing a Toxic Relationship, Martial 2.55

Sextus, you want to be worshipped;

But I wanted to love you.

You have to be obeyed—or else!

Because you tell me to, I’ll comply,

But if I have to worship you, I won't--I can't--feel love for you.

--Martial, Epigrams 2.55 

Vis te, Sexte, coli: volebam amare.

Parendum est tibi: quod iubes, coleris;

Sed si te colo, Sexte, non amabo.

Name: Marcus Valerius Martialis
Date:  40 CE – 104 CE
Works:  Epigrammaton Libri XV*
               De Spectaculis

REGION  2 (Hispania)
Region 1: Peninsular Italy; Region 2: Western Europe; Region 3: Western Coast of Africa; Region 4: Egypt and Eastern Mediterranean; Region 5: Greece and the Balkans

Originally from Bilbilis, Hispania, the poet Martial moved to Rome in the 60s CE to advance his career. His two extant works include de Spectaculis, a collection of poems written to commemorate the opening of the Colosseum, and a fifteen volume collection of epigrams. These epigrams provide valuable insight into the mores and private lives of men and women from all of the city’s social classes.     
Early Roman Lit: through 2nd c BCE: Republican Rome: through 1st c. BCE; Golden Age: 70 BCE to 18 CE; Silver Age: 18 CE to 150 CE; Age of Conflict: 150 CE - 410 CE; Byzantine and Late Latin: after 410 CE

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