Saturday, November 11, 2023

M/M: The Watery End of Narcissus, Johannes Tzetzes, Historiarum 1.235ff

De Narcisso

Narcissus, Lacon venator, amator venustatis erat

in Hora aestiva autem olim cum situisset, post venationem,

ut incurvatur ad fontem, vidit se speciosum,

amat umbram suam, ut alterius iuvenis.

cupiens autem hanc apprehendere, humidam haurit mortem.

[Greek text forthcoming]

--Joannes Tzetzes, Historiarum 1.235 / 1.9; Translated into Latin by Paulus Lacisius (1546) 



Narcissus, a Laconian hunter, was a lover of beauty.

One time during the summer, when he was thirsty after a long day’s hunt

He knelt by a spring, saw his own beauty,

Fell in love with his own shadow, believing it was another man.

He tried to embrace him, but only caught a watery demise.  

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