Monday, January 3, 2022

Husband, and Husband, and Wife: Lesbia, Anchialus & Spurius, CIL VI.21200

The following inscription was found in the city of Rome, but the time period is unknown :


Hospes, sta et lacrima, si quicqua humanitas in te est,

ossa dum cernis consita maesta ihi

cuius laudati mores et forma probata est

Anchialo, quem cura anxia debilitat.

Lesbia sum quae dulcis mores sola reliqui

et quod vitam vivens parui in officiis.

Sed nomen quaeris, sum Lebia, si duo amantes,

Anchialus dulcis cum suave homine Spurio.

"Sed quid ego hoc cerno?" Mea sunt hic ossa in olla

consita. Vive hospes dum licet atque vale.

  --CIL VI.21200

Stranger, if you have any empathy,

Stand a while and weep.

The wretched bones that you see buried here are mine.

My character was praised

And my beauty was praised

By Anchialus, who now is overcome by stress.

I am Lesbia,  

Leaving behind only my sweet disposition

And the lifestyle I lived in service.

If you ask my name, I am Lesbia;

If you ask the name of my two lovers,

It’s sweet Anchialus & his delightful Spurius.

“But whose urn do I see here?”  These are my bones buried in this urn.

Stranger, live your life while you can and farewell.



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