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When Your Name Becomes A Verb: Cleomachus' Fame, Tricha On Meters p. 34

 Quod “Cleomachare” dicitur, est quibusdam metris uti, quibus Cleomachus poeta uti solebat. Qui primum pugil fuit, deinde in iuvenis cuiusdam amore  raptus, versus componere incepit.

τούτο δε και κλεομάχειον λέγεται, ότι πολλω αυτω  ό ποιητής Κλεόμαχος χρήται, ος πύκτης μέν πρότερον, ως φασίν, ήν, ερασθείς δε τινος νέου, την ποιητικήν μετεχειρίσατο.

--Tricha, De Metris p. 34; Translated into Latin by K. Masters

“To Cleomachize” is to use the poetic meter that Cleomachus used to use. Cleomachus was a boxer at first, then he fell in love with some guy (or so it goes), and began to write poetry.



Name:  Tricha

Date:  ???

Works:   On Meters





 Little is known about the life of Tricha, but this author’s work On Meters preserves numerous quotes of otherwise lost poets. It can be found in Appendix ad Draconem Stratonicensem (Teubner, 1814).


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