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W/W: Nannion & Bitto, Greek Anthology v.207

 TRIGGER WARNING: male Greco-Roman authors often slandered women with non-heteronormative lifestyles

Nannion & Bitto Samiae celebrare recusant

Legibus his Venerem, quas Venus ipsa dedit,

Et cupiunt quae [non bona sunt], tu fugitivas

Detestare tui foederis alma Venus.

Αι Σάμιαι Βιττό και Νάννιον εις Αφροδίτης 

Φοιταν τους αυτής ουκ εθέλουσι νόμοις 

Εις δ έτερ αυτoμoλoύσιν ά μη καλά δεσπότι Κύπρι 

Μίσει τας κοίτας τας παρά σοι φυγάδας.

--Asclepiades, in Greek Anthology v.207; translated into Latin by Hugo Grotius

Nannion & Bitto from Samos refuse to follow the laws of Venus

that the goddess herself has decreed,

and instead want to do things [that are not good].

Blessed Venus, look down with hatred

on those who avoid your rules!

Name:  Asclepiades of Samos

Date:  3rd c. BCE

Works:  [fragments included in the Greek Anthology]


Map of Roman Empire Divided into Regions



 Asclepiades of Samos was a Greek lyric poet from the 3rd century BCE. His works are preserved in the Greek Anthology, a collection of Greek lyric poetry that spans numerous genres, topics, and authors.

 Alexandrian Greek Literature

Timeline of Greek Literature, with "ALEXANDRIAN" era highlighted

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