Sunday, November 1, 2020

M/M: Equal in Love and Arms, Achilles & Patroclus, Greek Anthology vii.143

Foedere amicitiae* par nobile nec minus armis,

Aeacide salve, tuque, Menoetiade.


Ανδρε δύω φιλότητι και εν τεύχεσσιν αρίστω

χαίρετον Αιακίδη και συ Μενοιτιάδη

--Greek Anthology vii.143, translated by Hugo Grotius

Greetings Achilles & you too, Patroclus,

equals in love and no less so in war.

* the translator here chose to translate φιλότητι with a line reminiscent of Catullus' famous line CIX.6: foedus amicitiae



Name:  ????


Works:  Greek Anthology; Anthologia Graeca; Florilegii Graecii



Map of Roman Empire Divided into Regions



 The Greek Anthology is a modern collection of Greek lyric poetry compiled from various sources over the course of Greco-Roman literature. The current collection was created from two major sources, one from the 10th century CE and one from the 14th century CE. The anthology contains authors spanning the entirety of Greek literature, from archaic poets to Byzantine Christian poets.  

 Byzantine Greek

Timeline of Greek Literature with "Byzantine / Late Greek" era highlighted

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