Sunday, October 20, 2019

W/W: Philaenis' [Girl]friend: Martial, Epig. VII.70

Ipsarum tribadum tribas, Philaeni, 
recte, quam [viseris], vocas "amicam."

--Martial, Epig. VII.70

Philaenis, everyone's favorite lesbian,
you call the girls you date your [girl]friend--and rightly so!

[Martial is using a double entendre here, as amica can mean female friend or "friend with benefits."]

Disclaimer: this text has been modified to fit the scope of this blog. The main verb of the relative clause has been changed into a less severe alternative. Considering the scarcity of women's perspectives in Latin literature, I felt it was important to include this passage despite the language it uses.

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