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Blessed Are those in love! Bion fr. 8

Beati sunt qui amant, quum pariter redamantur. 

beatus erat Theseus, quum Pirithous adesset,

etsi descendit in implacabilis Plutonis domum.

beatus erat inter asperos barbaros Orestes,

quoties cum eo communia Pylades susceperat itinerat.

erat felix Aeacides socio vivente Achilles

beatus erat moriens, quod ei mortem infeliecem ulciscebatur.

Ὄλβιοι οἱ φιλέοντες, ἐπὴν ἴσον ἀντεράωνται.

ὄλβιος ἦν Θησεὺς τῶ Πειριθόω παρεόντος,

εἰ καὶ ἀμειλίκτοιο κατήλυθεν εἰς Ἀΐδαο.

ὄλβιος ἦν χαλεποῖσιν ἐν Ἀξείνοισιν Ὀρέστας,

5ὥνεκά οἱ ξυνὰς Πυλάδας ᾄρητο κελεύθως.

ἦν μάκαρ Αἰακίδας ἑτάρω ζώοντος Ἀχιλλεύς:

ὄλβιος ἦν θνᾴσκων, ὅτι οἱ μόρον αἰνὸν ἄμυνεν.

--Bion, Fragment 8, Translated into Latin by F.S. Lehrs and Fr. Duebner (1846)

Blessed are those who are in love, especially when it is returned in measure.

Theseus was happy with Pirithous by his side,

Even when he descended into the inescapable halls of Hades.

Orestes was blessed even in the harsh land of his enemies

As long as Pylades was traveling by his side.

Achilles was blessed for as long as his companion Patroclus lived;

And once he died, he resumed his blessed state,

for he used his death to avenge his lover’s.

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