Friday, October 27, 2023

W/W: Sappho says 'thanks, but no thanks' to Anacreon, Anacreon fr. 358

σφαίρῃ δεῦτέ με πορφυρέῃ

βάλλων χρυσοκόμης Ἔρως

νήνι ποικιλοσαμβάλῳ

συμπαίζειν προκαλεῖται.

ἣ δ᾽ ῾ἐστὶν γὰρ ἀπ᾽ εὐκτίτου

Λέσβοὐ τὴν μὲν ἐμὴν κόμην

῾λ̔ευκὴ γάῤ καταμέμφεται,

πρὸς δ᾽ ἄλλην τινὰ χάσκει.

Globo, age, me purpureo

petens auricomus Amor,

huic, varie me pransans,

ut colludam provocat.

at illa, est enim ex bene habitata

Lesbo, meam quidem comam,

cana cum sit, vituperat,

et alli cuipiam inhiat. 

--Anacreon, fr. 358 (preserved in Athenaeus, Deipnosophists 13.72); translated into Latin by Johannes Schweighaeuser (1805)


Golden Haired Love

Attacked me with a purple ball

He keeps trying to get me

To play with him.

But she* who inhabits posh Lesbos

Takes one look at my silver hair,

Laughs at me

And swoons over someone else—a girl!

* According to Athenaeus, Anacreon wrote this poem to Sappho, because he was smitten by her


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