Friday, September 22, 2023

Three Friends in One! Codex Salmasianus #428

Roman men often had deep, loving and affectionate friendships with their peers. There was no shame or stigma in expressing love and support to one another.

De tribus amicis bonis

Serranum Vegetumque simul iunctumque

Herogenem, caros aspice Geryonas.

Esse putas fratres, tanta pietate fruuntur

immo neges: sic est in tribus unus amor.

Triga mihi paucos inter dilecta sodales,

triga sodalicii pars bene magna mei!

--Seneca the Younger, as recorded in Codex Salmasianus 428

The Three Good Friends

Check out Serranus, Vegetus and Herogenes,

A darling three-in-one Geryon.*

They’re so close to each other,

You’d think they were brothers;

There’s one love shared among the three.

Of the few people I call friends, this trio is so very dear to me,

This trio is such a large part of my social life!


* According to Greek mythology, Geryon was a three-bodied giant whom Hercules defeated.



Name:  Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Date:  4 BCE – 65 CE

Works:  Epistulae Morales

               De Clementia

               Phaedra, etc.





 Originally from Corduba, Hispania, Seneca the Younger was a Roman statesman with a tumultuous career. First exiled to the island of Corsica by the emperor Claudius, he was later recalled and became the emperor Nero’s mentor and tutor. Seneca wrote prolifically in several genres, including Stoic philosophy and Roman tragedies. He was ultimately put to death by the emperor Nero for his participation in the Pisonian Conspiracy of 65 CE.






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