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In Loving Tribute to Sappho: Greek Anthology VII.15 & VII.16


Nomen mihi Sappho: tantumque superavi cantu

mulieres, viros quantum superavit Maeonides.


οὔνομά μευ Σαπφώ. τόσσον δ᾽ ὑπερέσχον ἀοιδὰν

θηλειᾶν, ἀνδρῶν ὅσσον ὁ Μαιονίδας.


My name is Sappho. I excel women in song, just as Homer excels men in song.


--Antipater, Greek Anthology VII.15; Translated into Latin by Friedrich Duebner




Ossa quidem et mutum tumulus habet nomen Sapphus,

docta vero eius carmina sunt immortalia.


ὀστέα μὲν καὶ κωφὸν ἔχει τάφος οὔνομα Σαπφοῦς:

αἱ δὲ σοφαὶ κείνης ῥήσιες ἀθάνατοι.


This tomb holds the silent name and bones of Sappho;

But her wise words are immortal.


--Pinytus, Greek Anthology VII.16; Translated into Latin by Friedrich Duebner



Name:  ????


Works:  Greek Anthology; Anthologia Graeca; Florilegii Graecii





 The Greek Anthology is a modern collection of Greek lyric poetry compiled from various sources over the course of Greco-Roman literature. The current collection was created from two major sources, one from the 10th century CE and one from the 14th century CE. The anthology contains authors spanning the entirety of Greek literature, from archaic poets to Byzantine Christian poets. 

 Byzantine Greek


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