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A Trans Man: Caeneus, Phlegon of Tralles' De Mira. V

Iidem perhibent, apud Lapithas Elato regi filiam fuisse, nomine Caenidem. Cum hac Neptunum congressum, promisisse, facturum se ei quodcumque vellet: ipsam petiisse, ut ab eo in virum mutaretur, fieretque invulnerabiis; praestitisse id Neptunum, nomenque viro Caenaeus factum.

--Phlegon of Tralles, de Mirabilibus V; Translated into Latin by Wilhelm Xylander 

They say that Caenis was the daughter of the Lapith king Elatus. When she “met” Neptune, he promised that he would grant her whatever she wanted: and she asked to be turned into a man, as well as become invincible. Neptune granted his wish, and the man’s name became Caenaeus. 

Phlegon of Tralles


Name:  Phlegon

Date: 2nd century CE

Works:  On Marvels



Map of Rome Divided into Regions



According to the Suda [φ527], Phlegon of Tralles was a freedman of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. He wrote numerous works in Greek that are now lost, including the Olympiads and Roman festivals. His work, On Marvels, is a collection of extraordinary occurrences throughout history.


 Roman Greek Literature

ARCHAIC: (through 6th c. BCE); GOLDEN AGE: (5th - 4th c. BCE); HELLENISTIC: (4th c. BCE - 1st c. BCE); ROMAN: (1st c. BCE - 4th c. CE); POST CONSTANTINOPLE: (4th c. CE - 8th c. CE); BYZANTINE: (post 8th c CE)

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