Saturday, April 11, 2020

M/M: Ascanius & Atys, Vergil, Aen. V.568-572

alter Atys, genus unde Atii duxere Latini,
paruus Atys pueroque puer dilectus Iulo.
extremus formaque ante omnis pulcher Iulus               570
Sidonio est invectus equo, quem candida Dido
esse sui dederat monimentum et pignus amoris.

--Vergil, Aeneid V.568-572

[The Trojan youth parade includes...] and Atys,
the eponymous leader of the Latin Atii,
a boy beloved by the boy Iulus.
And next to him was pretty Iulus,
the prettiest and handsomest of all the boys,
riding a horse which Sidonian Dido gave to him as an emblem of love.

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